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Rodent Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Rodent Exterminators

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Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Rodent Treatment

How To Identify A Rodent Infestation

Rodents are a blanket term used for creatures such as Mice, Rats, Voles, and a varying degree of other critters.

Mice and Voles tend to be on the smaller side, growing to be about four or five inches. Rats can grow as large as seven inches. Most come in shades of Black, Grey, and Brown.

Signs you may have a Rodent problem are droppings on the floor or cabinets, visually seeing a Rodent, Scratching noises coming from the walls, or wood chewed on in or around your home.

Why You Might Have Rodents

Rodents are looking to stay safe in your home and build a nest to give birth.

Rodents can use the paper from your home for nesting purposes and also chew on the wood in your home to keep their front teeth ground down.

Reasons To Treat Your Rodent Problem Immediately

When a Rodent infestation is occurring, the biggest threat is the size of the Rodent problem. Rodents give birth rapidly and a couple of Rodents can become hundreds.

Rodents carry diseases such as Rabies. They may also carry their own pests on them that can cause their own infestations–such as Ticks or Fleas.

A lot of Rodents means a lot of droppings and urine which can make your family sick if touched or ingested. It is important you call a Rodent exterminator to come to your home and eliminate both the nest and adult Rodents.

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