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Bedbug Extermination Services

Bed Bug Extermination near me in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor

Sleep well knowing that your bed and your home are bedbug free. ProAction Pest Control has years of experience in handling bedbug infestations. Our experienced bed bug exterminators use only the most advanced treatment methods to remove those nasty bedbugs from your property.

Bed Bug Exterminators

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Why You Might Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs in your home does not necessarily mean that is where they originated from. You could have brought them home from vacation in luggage, picked them up while out, or even an adjacent home may have them which led them over to your home.

The common theory is that Bed Bugs live in filthier conditions but this is not true. You may have a clean home but happen to have just been in contact with Bed Bugs in everyday situations including travel and leisure.

How To Detect A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are typically most active in the night which is why many people awake with bites all over their body prior to noticing the bed bug infestation. Once bites are noticed, you will want to check bedding and the mattresses you and your family sleep on. Bed bugs will leave behind residual blood as well as droppings which will accumulate in crevices of bedding. Beyond bedding, they will also take up residence in any small spaces within your home.

Unfortunately, this can cause a great deal of grief because of their small size and the vast number of bed bugs that can accumulate when you have a bed bug problem in your home. Noticing even one bed bug will require a pest professional to come to your Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area home.

Reasons To Treat Your Bed Bug Problem Immediately

Bed Bugs will continue to procreate if you do not stop an infestation in its tracks which will lead to costly extermination services. You will have to do some investigations as to where the infestation may have come from, although this can be difficult. Once identified, you will need to begin to stop the Bed Bug life cycle to ensure the Bed Bug problem gets under control.

Bed Bugs in mass quantities can also be problematic for health reasons. Bed Bugs will bite and their bites will leave spots or even welts and for those who are allergic to Bed Bug bites, the pain can be excruciating. You will need to get in touch with a Bed Bug extermination professional to ensure that the lifecycle of Bed Bugs is stopped and that you and your family can reclaim your home and safety.

Bed Bug Exterminators

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