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Beetle Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Beetle Exterminators

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Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Beetle Treatment

How To Identify Beetles

Beetles can be quite fascinating creatures, especially with the sheer number of different species there are on this planet–millions of species!

Beetles can come in shades of many different colors with different markings as well. Most Beetles you will come in contact with will be shades of Black, Brown, or Green. Most will grow from just half an inch to three inches in size.

You might notice little bites out of vegetation in a garden or window planter or you may also find Beetles inside your home. These are signs you may have a Beetle problem brewing in or around your home.

Why You Might Have Beetles

Beetles may be drawn to your yard because of tasty vegetation such as a garden or even the grass in which they can feed on.

They may also enjoy your home because they are trying to keep warm or cool during different times of the yard. Beetles are just looking for a place to eat, sleep, and be safe.

Reasons To Treat Your Beetle Problem Immediately

There are no physical threats when it comes to Beetles. But, Beetles in mass amounts can cause damage to your yard or garden which can become costly.

Beetles will also leave behind their droppings, which can make you and your family ill, if consumed.

You will want to address the Beetle problem quickly and with a Beetle removal professional who can address the outdoor Beetle infestation as well as look at where Beetles may be entering your home to ensure they are no longer a problem.

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