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Bee Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Bee Exterminators

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How To Identify A Bee Infestation

What’s the buzz when it comes to Bee problems?

You might discover Bees in your yard, casually pollinating flowers and other vegetation you may have in a garden. The most common Bees you will see are Bumble Bees or Honey Bees. They come in shades of Black and Yellow. Sometimes, they can be easily confused of other flying bugs such as Wasps or Yellow Jackets.

If you are seeing an increase in the amount of Bees in your yard or a nest being built in a nearby tree or roof pitch, you want to let a professional assess the infestation.

Why You Might Have Bees

Bees may be drawn to your yard due to an abundance of pollination opportunities with flowers and other vegetation. You may also have an undisturbed part of your yard, a tree, or even a part of your house where a nest can be built with ease and little distraction or disturbance.

Reasons To Treat Your Bee Problem Immediately

Bees are beneficial to the planet for pollination but a Bee infestation can become a health hazard for your family.

Bees, like Hornets or wasps, can sting and it can be very painful for those who are not allergic to stings. For those who are allergic, a sting from a Bee can become a life or death situation very quickly if one goes into anaphylactic shock.

Having a Bee pest control technician come to your home to safely remove the nest and Bees from the property can be the best way to ensure your family is safe.

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