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Tick Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Tick Exterminators

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How To Identify A Tick Infestation

For those who have grown up playing in the woods in laying in the grass, checking for Ticks was a part of warm weather experiences.

Ticks, sometimes immediately confused with a small spider, are actually parasitic and feast on the host’s blood.

The two most common types of Ticks are the Wood Tick and Deer Tick. Wood Ticks are generally larger in size whereas Deer Ticks can be as small as the head of a pin. Ticks are usually a shade of Brown.

If you are finding multiple Ticks crawling on you, a family member, or a household pet, you want to have a Tick exterminator come to your home.

Why You Might Have Ticks

Ticks live naturally in wooded areas or tall grass. Sometimes, unkempt areas of the yard are perfect for Ticks as they can live undisturbed until someone walks through. This may also be a great place for Ticks to reproduce and lay eggs.

Reasons To Treat Your Tick Problem Immediately

Ticks, being parasitic, offer a huge list of issues to those they host on.

Deer Ticks can carry Lyme’s Disease which can cause temporary and permanent damage to those who contract the disease. A Tick bite, regardless of species, can also become infected after the bite, if not cleaned properly.

When Ticks lay eggs, they can lay hundreds or thousands of eggs at a time, causing the problem to become worse if untreated. It is important that once you begin noticing Ticks in your yard that you treat for Ticks by calling an expert Tick removal technician.

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