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Cricket Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Cricket Control

Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Pest Control

Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Cricket Treatment

How To Identify A Cricket Infestation

Not many things can be as incessant as a Crickets chirp, which you will probably notice before seeing any Crickets in your home.

Most Crickets grow to be up to one inche in size with shades of Green, Yellow, and Brown.

You may see a Cricket or two sitting in an area of your home near an entryway such as a foyer or side entrance to the home. But, you will probably hear a chirping noise first.

Why You Might Have Crickets

Crickets seek shelter during the hot summers and cold winters and if you have a crack in the foundation, a doorway that a Cricket can sneak under, or a window with an entryway, Crickets will find their way inside your home.

Most times, once inside, Crickets will find a secluded area to live. Most times, this is unfortunately in a place you cannot access such as under a washer or dryer, hence the incessant chirping that occurs.

Reasons To Treat Your Cricket Problem Immediately

Beyond the chirping noise, a Cricket problem can also pose some health risks for your family.

Depending on where the Cricket infestation is occurring, there can be urine and droppings left behind by the Cricket which can make family members sick, if touched or coming in contact with it in any form.

You will want to address the Cricket problem promptly before it becomes a larger problem. Calling a Cricket removal technician can allow for some silence within your home again.

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