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Silverfish Control

Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.
Call before noon and we’ll provide same day service or schedule a time at your convenience.

Silverfish Exterminators

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Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor Area Silverfish Treatment

How To Identify A Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are one of the most unique critters you may find in your home.

Only ranging in size of about an inch to an inch and a half, Silverfish have a Silver shimmer.

More unique is the antenna-like appendages on both ends of their body.

If you notice these creatures in your bathroom, basement, or kitchen sink area, you may have a Silverfish problem.

Why You Might Have Silverfish

Silverfish enjoy damp areas, especially in your home. Unfinished basements are notorious for Silverfish problems. Other locations people find Silverfish are bathrooms such as a shower or under a sink in the kitchen.

If you have a laundry room, you may also find them behind the washer or dryer, which sometimes may make it hard to notice a problem, at first.

Reasons To Treat Your Silverfish Problem Immediately

Silverfish will not harm you or your family but may have different fibers within your home.

Silverfish are known for munching on paper and fibers found in clothes. This can be problematic for paperwork that cannot be recreated, important documents, and even your own clothing. All of this damage can end up being costly over time if the Silverfish problem is untreated.

The moment you notice Silverfish in your home, you should call a Silverfish removal technician to eliminate any problems from occurring when too many Silverfish enter your home.

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